Hot rolled strip

Hot rolled products are manufactured applying a thermomechanical process where thickness of slabs is strongly reduced at high temperatures. They are used by a variety of industrial consumers in applications such as the manufacturing of wheels, auto parts, pipes, gas cylinders, etc.

They are also directly used for the construction of buildings, bridges and railroad cars, and for the chassis of trucks and automobiles. Hot rolled products can be supplied as coils or as sheets cut to a specific length. These products also serve as inputs for the production of cold rolled products.

Product Applications

Key industrial product used for further processing by steel makers & vendors that use hot rolled coils to produce metal sheets from which an array of products are made such as rebars, wire rod, pipes, and many more. They are used to create coils of reduced thickness.

Pickled steel sheet used for applications where the steel product needs to be clear of all surface oxides. On the automotive industry for unexposed car parts, high strength metal strips & industrial applications.


Related Markets

Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, Pipelines, Pressure Vessels, Appliances, Forge.