Galvateja Plus: a new face for a traditional product

22 Nov 2017

Ternium launches a new roof tile with an innovative rustic-like finish. A product that offers new aesthetic and functional scopes for the building sector.

After more than a decade without changes, Ternium’s Galvateja is now available also with an innovative finish.

Galvateja Plus, as known by its commercial name, has now a textured look similar to a clay roof tile, with the additional advantage of thermal insulation that reflects sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays, keeping the temperature lower inside, explains Rolando Montemayor, Product Engineer of Coating area.

This alternative in the final coating has not been designed following any customer’s request in particular, but it is a proposal made by the company itself in order to innovate with a value added and distinctive approach as opposed to those products that exist today in the market, notes Montemayor.

“The roof tile we use for this technology provides a more high-range architectural approach, a more rustic look, as compared with the non-metallic roof tile, a clay roof tile,” says Montemayor.

In order to reach this product, benchmarks and focus groups were conducted, as well as work meetings with the Commercial, Quality, Planning, Marketing and Communications Areas, remarks Alejandro Ontiveros, Intelligence Manager of Commercial Market.

“An Innovation Committee was created and from now on there will be launchings that are already in stages of analysis, validation and prototype development, adds Ontiveros.

Galvateja Plus, which will be produced in Planta Juventud, is in its launching stage and before the end of 2017 the first orders could be delivered, says Daniel Figurka, Commercial Network Director, Ternium México.

The areas of greatest demand are found in the North of the country, as well as Tabasco and Veracruz, although it will also reach Puebla, Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Recently, a cabin model built with this product has been exposed for a month in Planta Universidad in order to show its esthetic and functional scopes.

“We’re going to have the product near our customers, in our Distribution Centers (Cedis). This will give the market quality and speed of delivery, essential in this business,” adds Figurka.